GIP connects university student entrepreneurs in the process of business model generation to enable 
peer-to-peer learning and validation through coordinated interaction.

Competence Portfolio

View the competences of the members of the network. You can select a partner with the required competence to boost your project development or to help you to validate your business concept in another part of the world.

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Idea Portfolio

Browse the entrepreneurial initiatives of the members, select those that you would like to join as a business model developer or upload your own to stat to build your team and to develop your MVP or help others in the validation process.

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Problem Portfolio

If you want to take part in the development of concepts that solve problems and make a difference in the life of others view the problems of the members of the ecosystem here. You can also upload your own problem that you need assistance with.

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Look at the profiles of the mentors of our ecosystem who support the student teams in their development efforts and also give access to their personal networks to facilitate the validation and commercialization process of the initiatives.

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