Bettina Varga, a University of Pécs student becomes Hiventures Unitron

„I am interested for the entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem and in this reason I tried to utilize the opportunities of the university to get extra knowledge. I prefer practice oriented courses, because these deal with real business problems and motivate me to be more creative. I think the Hiventures Unitron position is a very good opportunity to become familiar with the start-ups’ culture and I can try myself in different fields of life. It is good to belong to an innovative team”  Bettina Varga

Hiventures is one of the biggest investor companies in East-Central Europe, its mission to improve the Hungarian innovation and start-up ecosystem, to strengthen the entrepreneurial culture and motivate to start new businesses. Hiventures’s aim to give opportunity with its investment programs to the future innovative initiatives in Hungary. For this reason the company start the Hiventures Unitrons program. The main aim of the program is to show students how to realize their innovative ideas.

You can find Bettina on NetMIB and contact her if you are interested to the startup ecosystem.