Certificate in Data Science and Entrepreneurship Program

The Simonyi BEDC in collaboration with the Big Data Research Group at  Szentágothai János Research Center  offers this unique one-semester Certificate in Data Science and Entrepreneurship program, which truly is an interdisciplinary business-technology-analytics program.

It is ideal for students eager to bring data science into effective use in business.

Data science

Swiss knives from XXI century: Business Intelligence, Machinel Learning, Big Data, Decision Making  gives you the interpretation and action frameworks and also the confidence to ask the relevant questions, interpret the analyses and convert these knowledges to transform your data into business decisions. This two-weekends (2x2 days) experiential program brings together Big Data Research Group and faculty from the Economics (Dept of Quantitative Management) to help you grab new skills and insights the power of data analytics to enhance your personal abilities.



Involves the successful development of new business models and entrepreneurial ventures by exploiting new algorithms, models, theories, tools, and project solutions including data entrepreneurship, defining business models, fueling creativity and fostering open innovation.

Data Scientists analyze massive amounts of data, explore and see patterns and convert these to new products or services which are useful for business. This requires:

  • Technical expertise: you are able to analyze massive amounts of data, see relevant  patterns and convert  to new products or services.
  • Curiosity: you desire to discover and model a problem down to a clear set of concepts (and hypotheses that can be tested).
  • Creativity: you desire to look at a problem in different ways and find novel solutions.
  • Communication skills: you are able to communicate effectively with different people, on divers aspects of data science. You know how to use data to tell a story.
  • Social skills: you are able to collaborate with others, with similar and different backgrounds, to tackle challenging problems.
  • Interest in/knowledge of Entrepreneurship: you desire to develop your entrepreneurial skills.


Detailed program

(Own laptop is required on every day)                      


Day 1 (12th May 10 a.m - 15.30 p.m)

A. Feldmann
General overview of data science from economical point of view.

R. Herczeg
Rstudio for marketing research and analytics

A Feldmann
Decision tree-based scoring systems in medicine. How to create recommending engines for surgical settings

R. Herczeg
Reproducible data analysis (research) with R and Rstudio

A Feldmann
Text mining oppurtunities: Personality insight: a new detection of Brand Identity and it's role in marketing


Day 2 (13th May, 10 a.m - 15.30 p.m) 

A Feldmann
Hidden patterns in online forums - business values in comment sections. A case study.

D. Kehl
Analyzing and visualizing GPS data and elevation profiles

D. Kehl
Fuzzy matching based on several attributes. (Census data )

D.Kehl Herczeg R
How to pull relevant data using webscrapers and crawlers?


Day 3 (19th May 10 a.m - 15.30 p.m)

Kruzslicz F. Kovács B.
Foreign Exchange Market Forecasting with Japanese Candles,


Day 4 (20th May 10 a.m - 15.30 p.m)

Kruzslicz F.
Data driven direct marketing solution for banks



Szentágothai Research Center, A001 room


Further information



The program is OPEN, but registration is required.

Registrate today via this link http://simonyibedc.ktk.pte.hu/forms !