Robert Kutsera

Networks are everywhere
Required role: 
External Mentor (expert)
Name of the university: 
University of Pecs
Cloud4est Innovational Community of Youth
Short introduction: 
As a teacher and a talent manager I have spent the last two decades in secondary education in Hungary. I have got experiences in project planning and project management, planning educational, talent management and recruit programs. Now I manage an innovation program for teenagers called Cloud4est.
Educational background: 
MA in History and Aesthetics (University of Pécs), postgraduate study in talent management (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest)
What do you do now, what are your competencies/areas of expertise?: 
I' dealing with organization development and mentoring projects. My main interest lies in cooperation of schools, faculties of universities and other institutions for developing innovative environment, programs for youth. I have got deep knowledge in network science, psychology of learning, and organization development.