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Investment management is quite specific type of financial activities in many ways and it can be a tricky thing to enter into this field. University students are suffering from the lack of advanced preparation and information vacuum when they are trying to apply for the internships or full-time positions in investment organisations. On the other hand, these organisations are facing quite big difficulties trying to find and hire investment managers who are able to use in their work advanced quantitative methods and cutting-edge techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence, as there is a shortage of such a highly-qualified professionals on the job market. Student investment club has to help in solving these problems by joining together students from different majors, who are interested in investments, and investment organisations, looking for talented future employees.

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-to teach all inspired students the theory of investments-to bring together economics major students with theoretical knowledge of investment theory and scientific-major students with advanced mathematical preparation-to provide investment organisations with highly-qualified graduates in the field of investments
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