Phase 1: Research, benchmarking and field work

The scope of the Research phase is to identify best practices which could be used to design the NetMIB program and to derive recommendations for its implementation.
Beside the investigation on entrepreneurial education/incubation practices and teaching method this phase will be also devoted to the analysis of High Education Institutions' (HEIs) Governance of the incubation, spin-off/start-up activity along with the different reward mechanisms in place for faculty members to motivate these academicians to engage in such practice oriented activity.

Partner Leader: South East European Research Centre - SEERC (see Partners page)

Phase 2: Design

Based on the conclusions of  Phase 1 the Consortium will develop the customized model building on the best practices spotted.
The program is to be fitted as much as possible to the regular curriculum of all participating High Education Institutions (HEIs) in order to achieve efficiency. A common Program toolkit will be developed presenting the program features, methodology, contents and delivery mechanisms.
An ICT Platform for connecting program participants from different partner countries will be designed and deployed to support virtual incubation.
The Program Toolkit will be used for the Capacity building phase.

Partner Leader: University of Tampere (see Partners page)

Phase 3: Dissemination, Exploitation and sustainability

This phase aims at wide-spreading the ongoing and final results to a wider audience and to engage with other High Education Institutions (HEIs) which might be interested in joining the program, as well as with other stakeholders which might be interested in supporting it (i.e. Seed investors).

Partner Leader: Cotec- Fondazione per l’innovazione tecnologica (see Partners page)

Phase 4: Piloting and fine-tuning

The first consortium level pilot program is to be conducted. A specific part of the overall program will be selected for testing (idea competition and pitching session) and UTA, UP, Espaitec will test it and each of them select the best 3 ideas owners coming out from the competition to be sent for a 3 months incubation period to the partner premises and the selected winner 3 assessment reports on pilots will be prepared and make use of them for fine-tuning and releasing the final NetMIB program and training toolkit.

Partner Leader: ESPAITEC (see Partners page)

Phase 5: Capacity Building

The consortium will select the faculty members, business professionals who will be involved in the delivery of the program and will organize capacity building sessions to prepare them for the delivery (i.e. program structure, expected learning outcomes, teaching/coaching methods, etc.).
To this aim a Trainers' Guide will be prepared.

Partner Leader: North Carolina State University (see Partners page)