The project will satisfy the following needs of the target groups:

High Education Institutions (HEIs) will be provided with an entrepreneurship and virtual incubation international program to enhance their impact in the regional socio-economic context, will be able to revitalize and increase the quality of their teaching methodology to fit the needs of the members of the knowledge triangle;

Students will be able to expand their career opportunities by developing entrepreneurial skills that increase their independence;

Faculty members will be able to modernize their teaching techniques and as a result will be able to have higher impact on the professional life of the students. Beside their teaching skills and abilities their knowledge and competence becomes more marketable expanding their professional opportunities and also providing new impulses to their research activities;

Members of the private and governmental sector by being involved in a creative, proactive entrepreneurial ecosystem will satisfy their needs to have access to new initiatives, new talents, new business opportunities and above all to a vibrant intellectual network.