Meet N'Eat

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Meet N'Eat

Meet N'Eat is an app that serves as a platform for groups of diners and restaurants to find eachother and interact with eachother.

So how is Meet N'Eat different than any other food app out there…

Discounts – The attractive idea for customers behind Meet N'Eat is the belief that many restaurants out there are willing to give groups of guaranteed customers a discount considering the size of the group.      We live in a day and age where price matters, a lot, and an easy and fun way for people to find good deals for good food is a great tool.

Active Marketing and customer seeking for restaurants – One issue with restaurants is that they can only be passive, they cannot chase after random people and convince them to become their customers since this is not very profitable and takes a lot of effort, they are mostly limited to trying to become attractive to customers by advertising or having a good review. 

However, Meet N'Eat allows restaurants to find and interact with groups of people who want to dine and actively turn them into customers.

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