Darko Denkovski

You don't need to work for money, you can make money work for you.
Required role: 
Student developer
Name of the university: 
University of Pecs
Short introduction: 
Ever since I was young I always wanted to be involved in business and when I got the chance to study at a business oriented high school I was thrilled. This opportunity helped me expand my knowledge of the world of business and made me realize the really important truth that "You don't have to work for money, you can make money work for you". This course offers me the chance to broaden my view on entrepreneurship and hopefully help me in my future endeavors.
What do you do now, what are your competencies/areas of expertise?: 
Currently I am a collage student studying at the University of Pecs. My areas of expertise given my high school background include: marketing, management, business, economics. When talking about my skills obtained outside the classroom, they are: communication, presentations and excellent work ethic.