Muhammad Mehdi Rizvi

Required role: 
Student Idea Owner
Name of the university: 
University of Pecs
Short introduction: 
I am a student of management Sciences in University of pecs in MSc program and before that I was working as social media marketing officer. Marketing is my passion, learning new knowledge and implementing is my main objective to do MSc in enterprise development and entrepreneurship.
Educational background: 
I have done MBA in 2012 and before that I have done BBA in marketing.
What do you do now, what are your competencies/areas of expertise?: 
I consider myself as a student so i am learning everyday but i believe I am good in marketing and implementation strategy.
What I need from the NetMIB platform: 
Exposure and Knowledge
What can I offer for the NetMIB platform: 
My hard work and learning quick and giving results.