Olívia Hende

Childlike joy - so cool.
Required role: 
Student Idea Owner
Name of the university: 
University of Pecs
Short introduction: 
Laughing // weird ideas // non-complexity // foodie life // childhood adventure // less hypocricy. As for me, my name is Olivia. Sometimes it is difficult for me to cooperate with others (I am rather over-ambitious and pushy). Other times it is amazing to work together. So I will try my best not to overannoy anyone. What I really enjoy is when (as a team) we can do our project in the flow experience. That is the point, where I usually find my place. Without that experience, I either leave the project or introduce some changes to gain momentum.
What do you do now, what are your competencies/areas of expertise?: 
I am an average university student, studying Business Administration in English. Besides the school activities, I have recently started to work on two business ideas of a local physician, At the university I try to actively build & develop the life of our class.
What I need from the NetMIB platform: 
Eager-beaver and friendly team-mates.
What can I offer for the NetMIB platform: 
To be an eager-beaver and friendly team-mate.