Paul Mass

Entrepreneur, Educator, Attorney
Required role: 
Name of the university: 
Ohio University
Center for Entrepreneurship, Ohio University.
Short introduction: 
I have 40 years of experience as a corporate attorney, entrepreneur, now teacher and Director of OU's Center for Entrepreneurship Prior to coming to OU in 2016, I combined my legal background, C-Level operating experience, and entrepreneurial risk-taking to create substantial value in several young companies in industries as diverse as e-commerce, cable television, radio broadcasting, proprietary data services, and a start-up drug discovery firm.
Educational background: 
B.A. Political Science, Duke University, Durham, NC J.D. Emory University School of Law
What do you do now, what are your competencies/areas of expertise?: 
I am an entrepreneur-in-residence at OU and the Director of OU's Center for Entrepreneurship, all helping to student student and faculty entrepreneurs. I consider my expertise in areas such as finance, law, corporate formation and early stage development, management of entrepreneurial ventures, and, hopefully, being a good mentor to students.