Health-day in Komló

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We are organizing a Health-Day in Komló, where our goal is to sensitize young people to health conscious behaviors and eating, developing conscious eating habits, development of gastro-culture and call attention to harmful habits. Our problem is that we would like to plan this event, so it would really have an effect on the youngsters. The program would be free of charge for the participants. We would like to ask for help and answers for the following questions. Questions: What are the age groups' healthy lifestyle and nutritional challenges at an international level? What similar events are held at international level? Schools, NGOs, etc. (Benchmark) Help... In developing our own detailed program (approval on Thursday of the second week) In carrying out supporting activities related to each program element (preparation of every tasks)

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Today's children do not eat consciously, because they are not educated enough on how to do so. More and more unhealthy and harmful food are available for youngsters, which are easily accessible for them. It is our job to sensitize young people to health-conscious behaviors and eating.
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