Learning kitchen for gipsy youth

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There is a substantial gypsy community in the Pecs region that concentrates in some parts of the city of Pecs. These concentrations belong to some of the poorest, most depressed areas of the city with limited opportunities for the youth to exploit. The lack of opportunities, the general mindset and customs in these locations predetermine the life of the youth of the community which is to further continue living on the periphery of the society. The Learning kitchen for gypsy youth project is intended to give an alternative path to the life of these youngsters, wants to inspire them to learn a profession that can enable them to have a meaningful life. In the framework of the project you will have to work with a dedicated cook, who comes from this community and who has already made it and wants this to happen to other members of the community. You will have to create the concept of the Learning Kitchen concept cooperating with the volunteers of Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, while making sure it is really integrating into the texture of this community.

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Career orientation, dropouts prevention of the school, social kitchen
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