Sustainable bicycle repair shop

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The employees and the volunteers (high school students, students) of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta collect repairable bicycles in Pécs which are repaired and upgraded together with needy people (families in need, homeless people). People on the periphery in need of cheap transportation can “bid” for these repaired bicycles. In order to make sure the bicycle is not sold by the person who receives it the “story” of the bicycle need to be posted on the Internet to also inspire others for a more sustainable “greener” transportation. This initiative is in its infant form. You will have to conceptualize this initiative in order to systematically involve needy people, volunteers, people, who have used bicycles but don’t want to use them anymore. The objective is to inspire sustainable transportation, to help people with limited financial background, to change the mindset of the average people about transportation and about their relationship to people on the periphery and last but not least to utilize unused bicycles that would otherwise be throughout as waste. You will have to work with the volunteers and experts of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta.

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community building, labor market reintegration, rehabilitation, environmental protection
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