Villany Wine Rout (VWR)

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VWR is an integrated system of wine producers, cellars and vineyards in the region of Villany. The Villany Wine Rout Association’s (VWRA) mission is to integrate these stakeholders to achieve higher gravity to attract tourism, to set high quality standards to protect the quality and brand of Villany and to generate benefit from the complementarities existing among all the stakeholders of the region.  While VWRA has done multiple actions to achieve the set objective the attractiveness of the region as the result of the invaluable quality of its wine is still insufficient. We seek to find a solution (online of offline or both) that attracts tourists in a way that visitors will be informed about all the attractions of our region will be guided through all of these attractions in an organized fashion. We expect to experience revenue increase from such a solution not only at the attraction sites but at hotels in the region from the longer time frame tourists will spend in our region.

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